My feet are hurting me. What is wrong?

The foot is what brings us into contact with the ground.  Sitting on top of it is the entire weight of our body.  Our feet and ankles take a beating every day.  The good thing is ankle pain and foot problems don't have to stop you from doing things you love to do. Just remember that your feet do "feel the weight of life" bearing down on them with every step. So a little care and treatment can go a long way.

What can I do for my foot pain?

Like all other body parts, our feet and ankles respond to stresses over the course of the day. Too much stress and our feet become tired, overworked, and injury occurs. The problem is, sometimes we can't change the stresses over the course of the day. So what to do? Taking a proactive approach and performing foot strengthening activities on a regular basis increases the resiliency of the feet. They will be better able to handle the normal stresses of life on your feet.

I sprained my ankle months ago. Why is it not better yet?

Ankle sprains can be a very painful injury.  They keep you sidelined from sports or limit you in daily activities. If not treated early, chronic weakness and pain makes you susceptible to further injury. That doesn't mean that there is no hope. Whether you have treatment right away or put it off for months, proper rehab restores normal function. You just have to ask one question. How quickly do you want to get back to your normal activities?

If you have ankle or foot pain that isn't going away, contact us. We would be happy to help you resume normal life again.