What is wrong with my neck?

The cervical spine is a very common place where people experience pain. There are many vulnerable structures running through this area. It is no wonder that people become very afraid when they start to have neck pain.  Pain in the neck can lead to some debilitating times considering we are almost always needing to move it.  And with a 10-15 lb object sitting on top of it for hours during the day, it is important to make sure that the structures in the neck are ready for the demands we throw at it.

Why is my neck hurting?

Some problems in the cervical spine are more serious than others and deserve special attention by a professional. Are you experiencing numbness or tingling starting in your neck and radiating into your arm or hand? If so, you should immediately have the condition looked at by a licensed physical therapist. There could be compression of nerves in the neck causing these symptoms. Most neck pain is not this serious. Often times it is a matter weakness of muscles causing strain in the neck. This could be due to a number of reasons. One of which is sustained poor posture throughout the day.

Can my neck pain be fixed?

Through hands on assessment, physical therapists determine whether the problem is something that needs further imaging, surgical consult, or can be treated conservatively. Most of the time, the neck pain is treatable with conservative measures.  Skilled manual therapy, patient education, and simple exercises prescription are very important. These three things make up a comprehensive plan of care to help you reduce pain and restore mobility.

Are you concerned about your neck? Don't hesitate to have it looked at by a licensed physical therapist. Contact Thompson Physical Therapy to find how we can help you live with less pain and better function.