Thompson Physical Therapy believes in a 1 on 1, patient centered model of treatment.  From your initial evaluation through all follow-up visits, you will receive customized treatment specific to what is bothering you. Your appointment could include any of the following based on what is found in your initial evaluation: manual therapy (soft tissue and joint mobilization), corrective or strengthening exercise, neurodynamic intervention, postural training, kinesiology taping, and pain science education. Each visit, you are re-evaluated to determine effectiveness of previous treatment and home exercise.  You are also repeatedly re-tested during treatment to show immediate progress and pain reduction. Testing includes joint mobility, soft tissue mobility, range of motion assessment, pain assessment, and movement screening.

At Thompson Physical Therapy we believe that your time is important.  That is why the entire time spent in therapy is 1 on 1 with a PT. You are paying for physical therapy.  That includes continuous observation, assessment, and changes to plan of care as needed. This is what makes Thompson Physical Therapy unique. The services we provide are specific to you because we spend the whole time with you. There are no cookie cutter plans of care here. Therapy is highly individualized to meet your needs. Below are some of the conditions we treat and the services we provide.

Services include:

Functional Movement Assessment

Postural Training

Kinesiology Taping

Corrective  Exercise

Sports Rehabilitation

Sports Performance